Misty Road


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The story behind the artwork

I consider The Faroe Islands to be one of most spectacular places on earth. Wild, rough and beautiful. One minut the sun is shining from a clear blue sky, and the next fog and mist is taking over. I think this kind of weather – foggy and misty – is so much more dramatic and intense especially for photography. And I am excited about the lonely roads of The Faroe Islands…




We give hope to children with cancer and their families

Every year, 200 Danish children are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the most frequent medical cause of death of children older than 1 year. Today, four out of five Danish children survive cancer, but half of the survivors suffer from long term injuries from the disease and the severe treatment. The Danish Child Cancer Foundation is the one organization, who funds most Danish research in childhood cancer, and we dot it in order to enhance the treatment and care of children with cancer and thus the survival rates. And the effort pays off: Since the formation of The Danish Child Cancer Foundation in 1995, the overall survival rate of children with cancer has increased with almost 20 pct.

The Danish Child Cancer Foundation is a private, independent organization, who works solely based on donations from private contributors, companies, associations, fundraising campaigns and other foundations. We support research in childhood cancer and work to enhance the conditions and care of children with cancer and their families during the course of the disease.



As long as there are children who die from cancer, or has a difficult life after treatment,

there is a need for family support, research and information.



The Artist

Mads Guldager (b. 1965) has travelled the cities of the world for decades – always with his camera as travel companion. He thrives in the suburban environment, blends in and documents what he sees – architecture, life, street art, details. Capturing them all, producing lasting images that only the wandering, curios person has time to reveal.

Mads Guldager´s training is autodidact. Originally trained as an interior designer he has an eye for the aesthtetic, for colour, balance and the small details that makes the mind wander…

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