Melting Landscapes, Greenland 5


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The story behind the artwork

Icebergs from Jakobshavn glacier melting in Disko bay  near Qeqertaesuaq , over Artic polar circle, in Greenland, sept 2014.



Free Minor Africa

Free Minor Africa (FMA) is a non-profit, non-governmental initiative whose objective is to reinsert back into society minors who have had trouble with the law in Sierra Leone. FMA is based in Barcelona, Spain and in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

In its first phase, FMA is focused on youths that have been imprisoned in Pademba prison. These minors want to return to normal society; some dream of studying, others want to find work even if their opportunities are scarce in one of the world’s poorest nations. The majority come from broken families that left their home or are orphans.



What we do

  • Offer help directly to incarcerated minors in Pademba prison and in juvenile prison.
  • During court, monitor the trials of minors coming from maximum-security Pademba Prison.
  • Offer legal assistance to incarcerated minors that arrive in court with serious allegations.
  • Pay the bail of youths incarcerated for minor offences. Many times, a bail of less than 50 Euros can avoid years of jail time.
  • Rehabilitation. We personalize the social reinsertion process for minors freed from jail. This can occur through the Saint Michael Center or through occupational therapy in auto mechanic workshops, sewing workshops, etc.
  • Provide a teacher to the juvenile prison. Work on this project has already begun in the Approved School of Freetown.


The Artist

Fernando Moleres was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1963. He began work as a nurse in his home village, traveling in 1987 to pursue that calling in Nicaragua, during the Sandinista period. It was there that Moleres began to appreciate the value of photography and to teach himself how to do it. During the early 1990s, he combined nursing work with long periods traveling and doing photo projects, such as Children at Work, which lasted several years and took him to many countries. His photos have appeared in a number of international publications, such as Stern, Le Figaro Magazine, Le Monde 2, La Republica, Io Donna, The Independent and The Sunday Times Magazine. Moleres has published two books and has had more than 20 solo exhibitions worldwide. His honors include a Picture of the Year 2011, two previous World Press Photo prizes (in 2008 and 1998), a W. Eugene Smith Grant, a Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation Grant, and a Lucia Award 2012 Deeper Perspectives Award, among others. (Read more…).