Emerging from the shadows


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The story behind the artwork

“Emerging from the shadows” Brown bear, Finland. A brown bear moves in the taiga, lit by the last lights of the day.

A wild brown bear (ursus arctos ) backlit in the low sunset light


Sea Legacy

SeaLegacy creates powerful media to change the narrative around our world’s oceans. Our mission is to inspire the global community to protect our oceans.

Our oceans sustain life on this planet and they are in peril. Many still don’t see or feel the effects of overfishing, pollution, and habitat loss. That’s where SeaLegacy comes in. We use the power of storytelling to create the change we want to see. Awareness is just the beginning. It is time to show the global community what is at stake. We must rally soldiers of support and ignite real and lasting change for our world’s oceans.



This is the story that SeaLegacy tells. This is the story that sparks a global conversation, and the story that inspires people to act. We believe that producing powerful media and art that gives people hope is imperative. Hope is empowerment. Hope is a solution. Hope is a game changer.


We are a collective of some of the most experienced and renowned photographers, filmmakers and storytellers working on behalf of our oceans.


The Artist

Marco Ronconi is a nature photographer born in a small town in northern Italy. Since he was young he spent a lot of time in contact with nature having the good fortune to live not far from great natural areas.
Photography is a way to spend as much time as possible outdoors, away from the noise from the routine and lack of sensitivity of modern life…