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The story behind the artwork

High quality giclée print of hand-drawn pencil illustration.



Sea Legacy

Anima is a Danish animal welfare association, founded in 2000. We work for animals to be respected, not to be maltreated. This applies regardless of whether it is about pets, farm animals, fur animals, experimental animals or animals in entertainment.

Anima sets in where there is a need and we work targeted to achieve concrete results for the animals. We focus on influencing both politicians, businesses and consumers. Animas most important task is to be a voice for the animals as they can not speak for themselves.


Denmark’s active association for animal rights

For a world without animal abuse

The Artist

Helena Frank is a Swedish illustrator and print designer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has been drawing ever since she first held a pencil. Helena’s love of human behaviour is key to her work. She has always been interested in making careful observations of the world and observe people and the situations they find themselves in. Frank works with a traditional hand-drawn pencil technique. With muted colour palettes and firm attention to detail, her imaginative illustrations always remain grounded in reality. Her work is tender, playful as well as being unusual, and at times surreal. Her wish is to shine some light on the oddity of the everyday. Through the years, she has created a signature style with her pencil drawings creating an unusual and atmospheric universe, filled with architecture, humans, animals and unexpected scenes always represented with a delicate hand and a hyper realistic technique. (Read more…).