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The story behind the artwork

We are facing one of the world’s biggest challenges of our time: global warming. Arctic is one of the most sensitive areas on the planet.

Exactly here is the picture taken, a humpback whale is showing his head in the surface. From Senja with Andøya in the background.

© T I Bergsmo-11151


Sea Legacy

Free Minor Africa (FMA) is a non-profit, non-governmental initiative whose objective is to reinsert back into society minors who have had trouble with the law in Sierra Leone. FMA is based in Barcelona, Spain and in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

In its first phase, FMA is focused on youths that have been imprisoned in Pademba prison. These minors want to return to normal society; some dream of studying, others want to find work even if their opportunities are scarce in one of the world’s poorest nations. The majority come from broken families that left their home or are orphans.



This is the story that SeaLegacy tells. This is the story that sparks a global conversation, and the story that inspires people to act. We believe that producing powerful media and art that gives people hope is imperative. Hope is empowerment. Hope is a solution. Hope is a game changer.

We are a collective of some of the most experienced and renowned photographers, filmmakers and storytellers working on behalf of our oceans.


The Artist

Photographer Trym Ivar Bergsmo is based in Northern Norway and works with photography commercially and as a method of artistic expression. “My heart is in Northern Norway. There is opportunity here. People live out their life stories here. The people, the light, the power and energy of the landscape; nothing can compare!”. Bergsmo has been working with photography as a form of artistic expression for over 25 years and is renowned for landscapes featuring arctic light and focus on the connection between the people and life in the Arctic. (Read more…).