The unique Nordic quality

All of Nordi’s artworks are produced by a professional photolab, adhering to gallery standards and supervised carefully. The individual artwork is numbered with a QR code, which links to the story of the artwork, background of the artist and an elaboration of the charity project.
We at Nordi place great emphasis on production development, so we never compromise the quality of the works and the artistic idea behind the work.
Photographs and graphic works can be produced in an unlimited number, which is why we at Nordi have chosen to use a limited edition, as this is of great importance to the art market. Nordi have contractually determined exactly how limited a work of art should be. This guarantees that Nordi as well as the artist do not produce more of this edition in the future.
For the two largest sizes, a certificate/voucher is included with the artist’s handwritten signature, as well as the title, format, date and limited edition number of the work. This makes the work of art an original and increases its market value. The certificate complies with international standards used by all major auction houses.


Nordi sells the artworks in four different formats, four different sizes and in two editions. The four different formats are; Square, Horizontal, Vertical, and Panorama. The four different sizes are Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The product is sold in two different editions, where the size Small and Medium are sold in a “Limited Edition” of up to 500 copies of each type and the size Large and X-Large are sold as a “Limited Edition with Signature”, with a maximum of 150 copies of each size. However, some works will be sold in a Limited Edition according to the artist’s wishes.



Nordi’s quality is always first-class photo prints produced by the country’s best ink printers. It uses the highest grade Fine-Art Photo Paper, known for its remarkable durability and shine. Nordi does not compromise on quality or durability as high-tech printers triumph in all aspects of photorealistic imaging technology, even when working with more robust materials such as Fine-Art Paper. Inkjet printers have an extremely large color space that make them perfect for photo printing or printing large and small printouts.

We feel that the presentation of the artwork is part of the enjoyment of art and we therefore work with experts. All of Nordi’s works are produced as original art.

Our products are printed on demand and are custom made according to the finishing and design chosen by the costumer. The estimated production time frame is 7-14 business days.

Glass Mounted ARTWORKS

Glass Mounted on the back of 6 mm. diamond glass

The print is mounted behind diamond glass. It provides completely unique images with great depth and a very high quality. Only high-quality colorless diamond glass is used, which ensures that the images appear optimally.

The artwork is delivered with hanging mountings on the rear as well as a wall bracket, so it’s ready to hang up. An exclusive and trendy way to present the artwork.


Dibond sheet, 3 mm. Aluminum sandwich plate

Dibond sheets are thin and completely rigid sheets that are well suited for photography to be hung up as the sheet will never warp. The 3 mm aluminum Dibond sheet consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sheets. A three layer composite that ensures stability while maintaining a low weight, ensuring stability and durability as well as making oversized and panoramic formats possible.

Available in matte and glossy lamination. A matte lamination highlights the colors in the image and provides greater depth to the colors while a gloss lamination provides an incredibly glossy surface with a depth effect reminiscent of the glass mounting.


Nordis frames are made of solid wood in different colors. The frames are custom made with millimeters accuracy for each artwork. Nordi offers two types of frames: the classic photo mount frame and floater frame with or without glass. In addition, the possibility of framing with passepartout is available in black or white.


Floater Frame, 14mm spacing between the artwork and the frame

Is a frame without glass with a visible gap between the edges of the work and the frame’s internal edge of 14 mm. The artwork is mounted on a 3 mm thick mount that stabilizes and holds the frame in place.


Frame with elevated glass, 10mm spacing between the work and the glass

The image is adhered on a Dibond sheet and finished with a wooden frame. A 10mm space between the image and glass creates a beautiful look and ensures a long lasting image.


Costume designed

Your Gift Card

If you have received a gift card, it is easy to redeem.
First you select an artwork from the Nordi Arts website and add it to your shopping cart. Then you enter your gift card code, and the equivalent value will be deducted.

Gift cards can only be exchanged for products, no cash refunds are possible.

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