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Processing of personal information and cookies

Processing of personal information and use of cookies on Nordi Arts website:

How do we treat your information when we use Nordi Arts websites and digital solutions.

If you ask to be contacted, send us an email via our websites, enter your name and your address, email address, phone number and, if applicable, other information. We use this information to process and respond to your request. We do not store the information in cookies.


Cookies are passive files that are attached to your computer or other IT equipment. They allow us to recognize your computer and get information about which pages have been visited and features used by your computer / equipment. Cookies do not contain information about who you are or where you live. Cookies can not spread viruses or other malware.


We use cookie information in connection with the regular operation and the various solutions we provide. In addition, we use cookies for the production of statistics, including those used to improve our websites and adapt the experience to your needs. We also use some cookies for our marketing.

Cookies can not be used to identify you as a person, but we can use the information about which sites have been visited from your computer along with the other information we have about you. We will of course only use the information in accordance with applicable laws.

When you log in to our self-service solutions, such as Webshop, we save information about where and when you have visited our websites. We use this information to make our advice and marketing to you as relevant as possible. We will keep the information only if you have also consented to the use of cookies.

Consent to use cookies, revocation of consent and rejection of cookies

The first time you use one of our websites, a cookie message will appear. You agree to use cookies by clicking “OK” or “Yes, I accept.” If you do not click “OK” or click “No Thanks”, no consent is given and cookies are not added.

However, we save a cookie to remember your choice and you will not use other cookies if you have not clicked “OK” or say “No Thanks”.

If you wish to revoke your consent or completely avoid cookies, disable cookies in your browser. Keep in mind, however, that by stopping cookies you can not log in to our self-service solutions or use other features that require that page to remember your choices.

When you use the following service, it is their cookie rules that apply. You can read more about these cookie rules here: