Metropolis 01


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The story behind the artwork

Metropolis under construction / Chongqing / China. Chongqing is one of China’s fastest growing cities.

Chongqing er en af Kinas hurtigst voksende storbyer.


Oxfam Ibis

In Central Africa there is a great lack of education – particularly for refugees, street children and former child soldiers. Oxfam IBIS works with setting up schools, training teachers and supporting the building of a school system. Education gives traumatized children an anchor in life and the opportunity to prepare for a better future despite great uncertainty.

In order to rebuild a society after conflicts, there is a need for educated citizens, who can read, write and calculate, and understand their role as democratic citizens.



Education is a human right, and education can not wait for peace. Today 125 million children do not get any formal education at all. This education crisis undermines any chance of rapid progress in human development.


The power of people against poverty


The Artist

Jeppe Carlsen was born in Denmark in 1979. While taking a degree in photojournalism from The Danish School of Journalism he worked on his own projects as well as larger NGO campaigns, as well as portraits to professional journals. (Read more…).

refugee in transit 011