Marco Ronconi

Nature Photographer


Marco Ronconi is a nature photographer born in a small town in northern Italy. Since he was young he spent a lot of time in contact with nature having the good fortune to live not far from great natural areas.
Photography is a way to spend as much time as possible outdoors, away from the noise from the routine and lack of sensitivity of modern life. He seeks to celebrate the beauty of a landscape or fleeting encounter with wildlife, with simplicity, giving as much importance to what is not seen and is left to the imagination. A world of suggestions. Photography is more a process of exclusion than inclusion, to find and use  the subtle power of empty spaces.
Photography as an aesthetic act, more then a  simple document. Not just a way to spread knowledge and characteristics of a specific area or an animal species but also a way to spread simple beauty. He’s a regular contributor of photo magazines.




Artworks by Marco Ronconi