Mads Guldager

Urban Photographer


Mads Guldager (b. 1965) has travelled the cities of the world for decades – always with his camera as travel companion. He thrives in the suburban environment, blends in and documents what he sees – architecture, life, street art, details. Capturing them all, producing lasting images that only the wandering, curios person has time to reveal.

Mads Guldager´s training is autodidact. Originally trained as an interior designer he has an eye for the aesthtetic, for colour, balance and the small details that makes the mind wander… And this is where his photography takes off – from a fascination of a special detail, a hidden gem or story, an intriguing colour combination, or rebellious street art to iconic buildings or landmarks that he seeks to depict from a new angle. Reminding us that there is always more to learn, more to discover.

Mads Guldager has assisted artist Marco Evaristti in documenting the artist´s Red Crack Project in Norway in 2014 and has exhibited in the Copenhagen based gallery, ME copenhagen.







Marco Evaristti (The Red Crack Project)
By Mickleit


Alcon Nordic
ME Copenhagen

Artworks by Mads Guldager