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Lars Botten

Lars Botten

Fashion Photographer


Lars Botten is a Norigian artist from the Rena area. He graduated from Artium realfag Namsos school in 1983. After that he took a one year photo education at Glemmen Videregående Fredrikstad, after which he started as a self-employed photographer. In 1989 he moved to Paris and has since commuted between Paris and Norway for mission.

He has worked for commercial clients such as BMW,  (Ringzwei Hamburg) , Mercedes,  (Weber Hodel Smidt, Zurich ) , Mini UK, (Winkreative, London),   Yves Rocher (  M&CSAATCHI.GAD, Paris) , Air Freance, ( Betc Euro Rscg Paris), American Vogue, Heralds Tribune, Zeit Magazine, Die Zeit, It Marie Claire, L’officiel Paris, Elle, Jaoluse, Purple, Spoon.







Photo agents:
Renate Gallois-Montbrun – Paris 1988-2002
Bird Production – Paris 2002 – 2015
Palookaville – Oslo 2006 – 2016


– Collection exhibition “Penthouse Pavement”, courtesy of Torbjørn Rødland at the Photo Gallery, Oslo, in 1998.
– Exhibition show in Tokyo, “Fashion Photography” courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery New York / Peter Hay Halpert in 2000.
– “Photo & Fashion”, Cotton Factory, Arendal – Norway 2008 Separate exhibition “Malung” at Modul35 In Trondheim, July 2017

Artworks by Lars Botten