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Audun Rikardsen

Audun Rikardsen

Nature Photographer


Audun Rikardsen was born in 1968, (originally from Steigen in Nordland). Now living in Tromsø, Northern Norway. He has been a nature photographer since 2010.

He grew up in Steigen, a small fishing community in Northern Norway and have always been fascinated by the Arctic’s rough landscape, culture, and wildlife, both above and below the ocean’s surface. I work as a full time professor in biology at the University of Tromsø. Most of my pictures are taken locally or during job-related field work. Photography is combined with my other interests where I utilize knowledge about biology and the coastal area. For me, nature photography is about having fun, remembering special moments, and sharing my fascination of the Arctic coastline’s wildlife and culture, often from new and unusual perspectives.





My work related homepage at University of Tromsø

Here you can find som information about my work and interests as a scientist

Facebook Audun Rikardsen!/profile.php?id=581436034

2016: Oasis – three awarded prictures in the categories “Landscapes”, “Other animals” and “Under water”

2015: Winner of the Wildlife photographer of the year, portfolio award

2015: Winner of Por el Planeta (Wild habitat category), 2nd in Animals in their habitat and one awarded (most winning in the competition)

2015: European championship in nature photography, 2nd in mammal chategory and awarded in underwater chategory

2015: Winner in Asferico: underwater category and one highly commended in Mammals category

2015: Overall winner of Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) – …and winner of the landscape and winner and 3. place in mammal chategory

2015: Oasis: Third place in underwater category

2015: Winner of the public communication award at University of Tromsø

2014: Overall winner of Natures Best

2014: Overall winner of Arctic photographer of the year (Global Arctic Award): Grand winner, winner of three categories and one runner up.

2014: European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (GDT): Most awarded photographer with five awarded pictures

2014: Winner of “The golden hook” (Gullkroken) – best fishing picture of the year

2014: Norwegian championship in nature photography: 2nd best picture of the year

2014: Winner in Arctic Biodiversity: Landscape category and two runner ups (Business and Science + Biodiversity)

2014: Overall winner of Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) – …and winner of the landscape and bird chategory

2014: ASFERICO: Highly commended in category “Birds” and “Man and nature”

2014: Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Nominated in peoples choice award

2014: Golden Turtle: Awarded in Golden in the category “Art of the nature”

2014: Nominated for “Årets Nordlenning” (The “North-Norwegian person” of the year)

2014: Winner of the public communication award at BFE (University of Tromsø)

2013: Overall winner and Norwegian champion in nature photography and best picture of the year

2013: European Wildlife Photographer of the year (GDT). Highly commended in the chategory birds!prettyPhoto

2013: Winner in Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC): “Outdoor picture of the year” and the “Endangered nature” cathegory;

2012: European Wildlife Photographer (GDT). Second place (Runner up) in the category “Man and nature” 2012.

2012: My picture “An alternative way down” (see gallery/Ski into..) was awarded as one of the best ski pictures in the world of the year by the magazine FriFlyt

2012: Overall winner of Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) – …and winner of the landscape and mammal chategory, as well as one highly commended in the landscape category

2011: Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPS) – Awarded in the “oytdoor activity picture of the yrar”

2011: Månedens bilde Natur & Foto (Audun Rikardsen)

My Greenland Adventure

Here you can watch my slide show I have put together from my “Greenland adventure”. Hope you enjoy it! Her har dere en slidepresentasjon fra noen av eventyrene mine på Grønland (Se linken under) Bildene er tatt på mine to feltturer til vest-Grønland høstene 2010-2011 og håper den får fram litt av fasiasjonen min for landets fargerike natur og folk! 🙂

NRK “Et eventyr gjennom linsa” (2016) – A 60 min documentary about my photography

CNN 2015: Winners of the Wildlife photography of the year (see from 1:13)

NRK Lørdagsrevyen 2015, portrett Audun Rikardsen (se innslag #10)

TV2 Nyhetskanalen: Slik tar Audun naturbildene sine

NRK Dagsrevyen: Disse bildene ga Audun naturfotografenes Oscar

NRK Dagsrevyen (2015): Spektakulær hvalforskning

NRK 2014 – En naturlig helaften (klikk på nr 5, Hvalrossen Kompis)

NettTV Nordlys 2013 (Nordaførr): Jakter kval med kamera (10 min film)

NRK Ut i Naturen 2013: Audun svømmer med hvaler (se flere deler utover i sendingen, spesielt mot slutten…:-)

NRK “Laks minutt for minutt” (1. jun 2012, Audun Rikardsen). Her forteller vi historien bak “Villaksen Salomon”; se 1t, 20min og 45 sek ut i sendingen

NRK Ut i Naturen (april 2012; 3 og 17 min ut i sendingen) Audun Rikardsen: Fisking og satelittmerking av kjempekveiter

NRK Ut i naturen (en naturlig helaften 2010) Audun Rikardsen: Laksens vandringer del 2 (33.20 ut i programmet)

NRK Ut i Naturen Oktober 2010, 19:15 ut i sendingen (Laksens vandringer del 1 / Audun Rikardsen)

NRK Dagsrevyen (Mai 2010) Laks med satelittsender / Audun Rikardsen

NRK Kveldsnytt (juni 2007, 1:40 ut i sendingen) Rømt laks spores med elektronikk / Audun Rikardsen

Artworks by Audun Rikardsen