Nordi is a new webshop and portal for photography, cre­ated with the aim of increasing public and corporate awareness of high quality photography and graphic art. With Nordi, we create a strong brand, which distinguishes itself as a unique and innovative option for exposing and publishing contem­porary art, with a clear standpoint on the environ­ment and our surroundings. We are able to realize this through our cooperation and partnership with a number of organizations working with aid and charity, both at home and abroad.

With Nordi, we create an alternative to mass produced wall art. It is our aim that both private individuals and corporations have the option to decorate their surroundings with unique and meaningful works of art. A number of professional photographers from organisations such as World Press Photo and the National Geographic Society are already on our list of collaborators. We look forward to expand our network and presenting even more excellent artists in the time to come.

Nordi offers only quality products that meet gallery standard in terms of both design and production.

Art creates atmosphere, and art helps to express who you are. Good art evokes emotions, creates atmosphere and is inspiring. Whether it is large or small companies, hotels or restaurants, offices or in private, Nordi supports those who want to give their premises more character and use art to tell a story.

See the concept behind our great products, that visually brands your values:


Between 15 and 50 percent of all profit created through exhibition and sale of art through the Nordi platform is directly contributed to a number of charitable initiatives. It is at the discretion of each individual contributing artist to identify and establish exactly which organization or charity the artworks support and why. Often the charity project is directly related to the artworks theme.


We give our customers a unique possibility to purchase art whilst simultaneously supporting a charitable cause. We wish to make this process completely transparent to all of our collaborators as well as our customers. All works of art are marked with a charity label and a QR-code (as shown on the photo). This code links to the artwork on the website, where it is possible to learn more about the story behind the art, the artist, as well as experiencing an in-depth presentation of the charity project and exactly how the donated proceeds are managed.


Our mission is our guide in every decision we make. Our mission is:


  • To show the World in a new light.
  • To create value
  • To inspire moments and induce emotions
  • To make a difference.


We want to be a pioneer in new ways of thinking, seeing the world from a new angle, new designs and art forms. It’s about being the favorite art portal for the discerning customer who chooses Scandinavian wall art, and which eventually can provide customer delight in everyday life – while contributing to a better world.


The beginning

Nordi was founded in a rebellious spirit and with an ambitious goal: to offer innovative wall art while making a difference.

Nordi is based on a strong interest in photography and graphic arts and is rooted in the Scandinavian tradition of design and visual aesthetics. With a desire to make this particular visual expression available to an international audience while contributing to a better world.

The idea to start Nordi emanated from a personal vision to spread awareness of engaging and breathtaking Nordic photographers, and thereby spreading the photograph as a recognized piece of art.

For almost 10 years I have operated a graphic agency that specializes in graphic design, photography and viral marketing, working professionally with photo assignments and graphic design.

During this experience I have worked for several companies, corporations and institutions where the wall decoration in meeting rooms and conference rooms has been tacky reproductions. At the same time, in the Nordic countries, we have some of the world’s best photographers who understand how to provide substance for thought and tell amazing stories with their captivating photographs.

From this arose the desire to create a new kind of gallery that specializes in discovering and representing the best in photography and graphic arts.